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Markets and applications for Kéramo technical ceramics

Advanced ceramic materials have mechanical and electrical properties as well as excellent resistance to high temperatures and heat surges; unique characteristics that make technical ceramics a valuable and essential resource for industry. Kéramo’s continuous quest for new solutions and high quality standards make it an international benchmark for the supply of ceramic components with excellent added value.
The advantages of technical ceramics
  • Greater resistance to wear than traditional ceramics
  • Remarkable resistance to acids and other corrosive substances (e.g. alkalis)
  • Greater resistance to traction, cutting and abrasion

Sectors of application

There are numerous markets and applications for technical ceramics in Italy and around the world. Kéramo’s special ceramic materials stand out for their use in the electricity, electronics, textile, chemical, mechanics, steel, automotive, nuclear, jewellery and accessories sectors. However, applications for advanced ceramics are unlimited, and there are many more to be explored.


Ceramic base materials for electrical components and ovens in a wide variety of forms.


Technical ceramics for substrates, circuit boards, cores and electronic components.


A wide range of technical ceramic solutions and accessories for textile machinery.


Technical ceramic components for the industrial chemicals sector and research laboratories.


Advanced, high-resistance components and accessories for the mechanics industry.


Special thermoelectric insulators, tubes, plates, screws and washers in technical ceramics.


A broad range of technical ceramic solutions for safety, economy and comfort in the automotive industry.


Technical ceramics for components used in the generation of nuclear power and the disposal of radioactive waste.


Special components and small items in technical ceramics for jewellery, costume jewellery and accessories.


Small objects and bespoke components in technical ceramics for writing accessories and leisure items.

Custom ceramics

Kéramo has always focused on comprehensive collaboration and a bespoke service for customers. In fact very few of our products are standardised; most are manufactured for specific designs and requests. If you don’t see your sector and want to consult us directly, complete the form below; one of our experts will get back to you as soon as possible.

Advanced ceramic products

Bespoke and custom solutions

We offer our customers a 360-degree service. We design bespoke solutions to meet the needs of our customers, and we stand out for our reliability. Our services are precise, comprehensive and customised. We place social and environmental sustainability at the centre of all we do; so our production technologies focus on safety, welfare and respect for the environment.
Do you think advanced ceramics are the right material for your business? Are you seeking to develop new products in technical ceramics? Kéramo can help! Complete the form, indicating your needs and, if you like, attach your project: our experts will evaluate your request and find the solution you’re looking for.
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