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Welcome to Kéramo Spa, specialists in the production of small and medium-sized moulded or extruded ceramic components. Based in Tavernerio (CO), we have been operating for over 50 years in the advanced ceramics sector, offering customers a high-quality, efficient and innovative service.

The added value of our work is evident in our direct relationships with our customers, for whom we develop bespoke solutions based on their needs. In fact very few of our products are standardised; most are manufactured for specific designs and requests.

Alessia InterdonatoKéramo Spa CEO

What has always distinguished our company's approach is our dedication to the development of innovative and advanced ceramic products and components, used in cutting-edge applications, and our manufacture of small and medium-sized standard products.

Giovanni InterdonatoKéramo Spa founder
50 years of history

Our Story


Kéramo Spa is founded by Giovanni Interdonato. The company is based in Tavernerio in the province of Como, a few kilometres from the famous lake.


Always looking to the future, Giovanni Interdonato invests enormous time and resources in the acquisition of cutting-edge machinery and skilled staff.


Kéramo becomes a landmark for mechanics, electronics and electricity industries looking to develop and use ceramic components, both traditional and innovative.


A year of great change and bold decisions: the considerable resizing of the market for traditional insulation materials, due to the rapid spread of thermosetting plastics, leads Kéramo to concentrate a large part of its manufacturing on products based on aluminium oxide and zirconium oxide.


In the interests of improving and growing the business, Kéramo starts production of new materials in silicon carbide and silicon nitride.


Kéramo expands and extends its premises with a new production department and a new office building.


Kéramo moves into new markets in the medical sector.


New products and new horizons: Kéramo adds the jewellery sector among its new markets.


Kéramo continues its usual production, but the desire to grow and innovate leads the company to produce new items with new materials, including aluminium nitride.


Kéramo Spa celebrates 50 years of operation: a landmark that heralds a new start, increasingly focused on research and innovation, seeking to anticipate and meet the needs of new markets and the requirements of forward-looking customers.
Objective n°1

Quality first and foremost

We directly oversee every stage of the production process, from concept and prototyping to distribution of the finished product. This allows us to maintain our quality standards and create bespoke products in response to our customers’ needs in a precise and timely manner.

Raw materials
  • Quality control
  • Chemical and physical analysis
  • Granulometry
  • Purity control
Production process
  • Moulding
  • Pre-sintering
  • Sintering
  • Finishing processes
Finished products
  • Roughness
  • Dimensions
  • Quality control
  • Packaging and shipping
Control tools
  • Wide product range
  • Measurement and analysis
  • Special research
  • Advanced technology


Kéramo has always stood out for the high quality of its products and the reliability of its processes. We have obtained the following ISO and WRAS certifications.

Advanced ceramic products

Bespoke and custom solutions

We offer our customers a 360-degree service. We design bespoke solutions to meet the needs of our customers, and we stand out for our reliability. Our services are precise, comprehensive and customised. We place social and environmental sustainability at the centre of all we do; so our production technologies focus on safety, welfare and respect for the environment.
Do you think advanced ceramics are the right material for your business? Are you seeking to develop new products in technical ceramics? Kéramo can help! Complete the form, indicating your needs and, if you like, attach your project: our experts will evaluate your request and find the solution you’re looking for.
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