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What is it?

Steatite is a crystalline form of magnesium silicate. It is a low-loss, low-cost insulation material with relatively good electrical resistance, which can work safely at high temperatures.


Ceramic steatite is an excellent material for electrical engineering, as it is easy to mould and sinter in a wide variety of shapes, such as washers, bushings, resistors, spacers and beads. Industrial applications of steatite include high-frequency insulation products, resistor cores and casings and insulators for household appliances and hydraulics.

Properties of steatite:

  • High electrical resistance at high temperatures
  • Good mechanical resistance
  • Excellent dielectric resistance
  • Low dissipation factor

Products made using steatite:

  • Components for electrical engineering
  • Tubes and instruments for electrical engineering
  • Large-scale industrial systems
  • Electrical and light insulation
  • Ceramic tubes for resistors
  • Ceramic bushings
  • Ceramic bearings
  • Ceramic thread guides
  • Steatite terminal strips

Sectors of application

Kéramo produces advanced ceramic components based on steatite (H2Mg3 (SiO3)4) for the jewellery, electricity, electronics, automotive, textile and nuclear sectors. The high quality of our products, the expertise acquired in more than 50 years of operation and the bespoke nature of our services make Kéramo the perfect partner for the supply of advanced zirconium oxide ceramics to industry.

Processing of steatite

Kéramo has the solution for you

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