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Technical ceramics are among the most innovative materials of the past century: thanks to the exclusive properties of these materials, technical ceramics are considered an essential resource in numerous markets and sectors, indispensable to guarantee performance, safety and reliability.

Resistant to wear, heat and corrosion, advanced ceramics give unparalleled performance for the mechanics, electronics, nuclear and automotive industries. Their total non-toxicity, extreme hardness and aesthetic potential make them a valid alternative to precious metals in the production of jewellery, writing accessories, designer objects and cooking utensils.

As ceramics allow good control of processes, reducing emissions and ensuring effective use of resources, technical ceramics are also used to guarantee greater efficiency in systems for energy production and environmental technologies, making them an excellent ally for sustainability.

Kéramo has always shared their potential, approaching technical ceramics with an open mind and a spirit of innovation. Looking to the future, we have often been ahead of the times, with the development of new products and the expansion of possible applications, in the knowledge that components made in ceramic materials are increasingly the only solution for technical challenges that cannot be addressed with conventional materials.

Types of ceramics

From material to product: Kéramo solutions

Zirconium oxide

Silicon carbide

Aluminium oxide

Silicon nitride

Aluminium nitride



Advanced ceramic products

Bespoke and custom solutions

We offer our customers a 360-degree service. We design bespoke solutions to meet the needs of our customers, and we stand out for our reliability. Our services are precise, comprehensive and customised. We place social and environmental sustainability at the centre of all we do; so our production technologies focus on safety, welfare and respect for the environment.
Do you think advanced ceramics are the right material for your business? Are you seeking to develop new products in technical ceramics? Kéramo can help! Complete the form, indicating your needs and, if you like, attach your project: our experts will evaluate your request and find the solution you’re looking for.
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