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What is it?

Ceramic cordierite is a silicate of aluminium and magnesium, widely used in applications requiring high resistance to thermal shock.

Properties and uses

Ceramic cordierite is useful due to its low thermal dilation and good electrical insulation properties in comparison with other ceramic materials. It can be moulded into a variety of complex shapes using a range of production processes including axial pressing, isostatic pressing, injection moulding and extrusion. Its low thermal expansion and heat conductivity make it a good option for the mechanics sector.

Properties of cordierite:

  • Good resistance to thermal shock
  • Low thermal dilation
  • Low heat conductivity
  • High dielectric strength

Products made using cordierite:

  • Electrical insulators
  • Insulators for household appliances
  • Refractory materials
  • Thermocouples

Sectors of application

Kéramo produces advanced ceramic components based on cordierite ((Mg,Fe)2[Si5Al4O18]* nH2O) for the jewellery, electricity, electronics, automotive, textile and nuclear sectors. The high quality of our products, the expertise acquired in more than 50 years of operation and the bespoke nature of our services make Kéramo the perfect partner for the supply of advanced cordierite ceramics to industry.

Processing of cordierite

Kéramo has the solution for you

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