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Silicon carbide

What is it?

Silicon carbide is a compound of silicon and carbon obtained from carbon and quartz sand at a temperature of 2500°C.


Silicon carbide has excellent properties such as resistance to corrosion, abrasion and erosion. The high degree of elasticity ensures great dimensional stability.


Ceramics made from silicon carbide are used in chemicals, textiles, energy technologies, the food industry and pharmaceutics. Its conductivity means it can also be used in the electronics sector. Its characteristics also make it useful in the construction industry to make tubes and conduit systems. In the world of fashion and design, it is used as an alternative to metal.

Properties of silicon carbide:

  • Excellent hardness
  • Chemical and heat resistance
  • Good resistance to temperature changes
  • Good heat conductivity
  • Low heat expansion
  • Good resistance to wear
  • Excellent anti-attrition properties

Products made with silicon carbide:

  • Pump shafts
  • Pistons for high pressure pumps
  • Mechanical seal rings
  • Silicon carbide bushings
  • Grinding wheels for the production of powders
  • Sliding stands for industrial pumps, mixers and agitators
  • Balls for valves
  • Armour plating
  • Burner components
  • Silicon carbide transistors
  • Couplings for tubes
  • Vehicle tools and accessories
  • Personal tools and accessories

Sectors of application

Kéramo produces advanced ceramic components based on silicon carbide (SiC) for the jewellery, electricity, electronics, automotive, textile and nuclear sectors. The high quality of our products, the expertise acquired in more than 50 years of operation and the bespoke nature of our services make Kéramo the perfect partner for the supply of advanced zirconium oxide ceramics to industry.

Processing of silicon carbide

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